TX control system

TX Plus control system

TX Plus controller is a new generation, multi-channel automatic welding control system based on industrial PC architecture, which performance is significantly improved due to theadoption of high-speed CPU. As a welding control platform, TX Plus can control the weld current, arc length, oscillation, wire feed and multiple axis of motions. Users can create multi-segment and multi-pass weld programs, and adjust the major welding parameters during welding. The TX control is designed for plasma, TIG, MAG/MIG, SAW, laser welding in complicated welding environment.


Characteristics and advantages:

» Touch screen with Operator friendly interface;

» Centralized control, programming and operation;

» full function, compact remote control pendent;

» Good combination of automatic process control and manual adjustment;

» Auto-fill programming structure based on welding process, easy for the operator to learn and comprehend.

» Advance storage, execution, import and export of welding programs;

» System safety, fault detection and failure alarm modes;

» Real-time data acquisition, standard storage and packaging upload of welding process parameters;

» Digital workshop information interface;

» High precision control, quick response, suitable for welding workshop environment and creating con sistent results;

» Control up to 20 motorized axes of motion based on Ether-CAT bus control according to specific applications;

» Underlying development software, supporting G-command CNC/ROBOT;

» Analog input/output (precision: up to 16bit and

» step-by-step IO communication module.


Remote Pendant :

» Light, convenient for carrying to welding area;

» 4 welding parameters displayed on same screen, equipped with 4 jog knobs, easy to observe or jog parameters during welding;

» 2 programmable joysticks for adjusting the position of major motion axis;

» Tactile Buttons such as Start, Next and Stop;

» Special functional buttons:

» Function lock/release: arc voltage, oscillation and wire feed on/off;

» Action mode: high/ low speed, continuous/step jog, Arc gap setting, pilot arc on/off, test mode;

» Gas control: torch gas, backup gas and plasma gas on/off

» Motion channel joy: forward/reverse joy of wire feed, and any of two welding axis.

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