DT control system

DT control system

The “DT” controller is a new generation, state-of- the-art, multi-channel digital intelligent welding control system, developed and based on years of experience and knowledge in understanding of automatic welding technologies. The latest SOC processor is the core of control. DT is based on a modular design and hence the platform has a strong functional expansion capability. The DT platform provides a visual, convenient HMI with A color high pixel touch screen, controls and manages all of the welding parameters and complicated welding processes and logics. DT has been developed to control most of welding processes, such as DC/AC/VP TIG, MAG/MIG, DC/VP PAW, SAW, laser, or their combinations. Key features of DT include CNC cooperative control, flexible robot control, operators & procedures managing, real time feedback control, data acquisition, as well as sensing the line voltages, temperature and relative humidity near the torch, etc.  


Technical specification:
» Programming mode: Dialogue + graphic tips;
» Operation mode: Shortcut keys + operating lever;
» Tactile knob for fast adjustment and setting of parameters;
» Integrated with three programmable 4-way joysticks to control up to 6 axis of jog motion;
» Touch-screen display (resolution: 1920x1200);
» Multi-channel control system, supports synchronous control of up to 32 channels of motion and parameters;
» Three modes of operation, including welding, programming and system settings, selected by key
» Advance programming with storage of 9999 weld programs, with the weld program selection and query by alpha-numeric program name;
» During the welding, each of six selected major parameters can be displayed by 3 values: Programmed/jog value/Actual, which allowed to be modified or override.
» The Automatic power off protection function is featured in the system. USB and cable interface are provided to prevent program and data loss due to accidental shutdown, and support import/ export of the welding procedures, system files;
» Emergency stop recovery key combined by system emergency button and soft/hard keys;
» Using 7-inch color touch screen, as well as tactile operation buttons, knobs and joysticks to create a full function, operating friendly HMI;
Standard functions:
» Centralized control: DT controller can control all external equipment synchronously, including weld current, arc voltage tracking, Oscillation, wire feeding and welding motion axis, realizing central ized setting, programming and operation of welding system;
» Multi-section programming: Each Weld program includes multi-section programming mode, which includes Arc start & Upslope section, welding section and downslope and arc quenching section;
» Welding Current control: include peak current, back ground current, pulse rate and polarity;
» Arc voltage control (TIG): Sense the arc voltage in real time, dynamically adjust the position of the welding torch in order to keep arc length relatively stable.
» Mechanical Oscillation/Weave control: program and control the oscillation width, frequency, and dwell times on both sides. Operator can jog the OSC center point and width during welding;
» Coordination between arc voltage control and pulse of welding current output mode: DT arc voltage control function has threetracking modes: Continuous, sample on peak current, sample on background current. Operator can set the tracking mode according to the process requirement.
» Synchronize action between current pulse and me chanical Oscillation. In order to ensure the good fusion result of both sides of joint, the peak current will be output while torch has been oscillated to the left and right ends

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