Report on R&D Achievements of Amt Welding Automation in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 suddenly broke out, and all parts of the country pressed the pause button. This is a critical time for Amt to move its welding automation production center to the south. The new employees need to be trained and honed, the production site needs to be planned and organized, the outsourcing suppliers need to be re searched and trained, and the employees' working conditions are unstable during the epidemic, which has brought great pressure to the management team and core backbone of Amt. With the support of new and old users such as China Aerospace, AVIC, AVIC Industry, China Nuclear Power Group, China National Weapon, etc., Amt changed pressure into power, overcame various difficulties and delivered various high-quality welding equipment in time. Constantly adjust the formation to meet the needs of market and technological development, strengthen the spirit of "R&D innovation" and "dare to be the first", and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. Here, I would like to report to all the friends who are concerned about "Amt welding automation" that the R&D achievements of Amt welding automation in 2020:
1、 DT digital intelligent welding control system quickly gains the favor of users
In 2018, Amt successfully developed a new generation of digital intelligent centralized control system, the model of which is DT and named Digital Technologies. After the user experience and promotion in 2019, it will continue to be recognized by users in 2020. The total sales volume of the welding system with DT controller has exceeded 70 sets, and the users are mainly enterprises in need of high-quality welding, such as China Aerospace, China Aviation, China Aviation Development Corporation, and China Nuclear Industry. Amt owns all intellectual property rights of the DT digital intelligent centralized control system, and has realized the domestic independence of high-end welding control capability.

DT Digital Intelligent Welding Control System

In addition to the hardware, operating system and various application software of DT intelligent centralized control system, Amt has completed the automatic arc voltage tracking system, automatic precision wire feeding system (including wire pushing and drawing function), high-precision hot wire system, automatic mechanical swing system, automatic electromagnetic swing system, gas flow closed-loop feedback control system, welding current precision control system Software and hardware such as precision control systems for various welding actions (including multi axis CNC control capabilities), and digital control interfaces with international famous welding power manufacturers, such as Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Funis, Finland, etc., can implement fine collaborative control for various TIG, MIG, SAW, PAW, P+T composite, multi wire submerged arc, laser and laser MIG composite welding process parameters and processes.
In order to realize the digital centralized control system required for high-quality welding, Amt is no longer dependent on imports.


2、 The Successful Development and Application of Super Large and High Precision P+T Longitudinal Seam Welding System
During the Spring Festival, when the epidemic was the most serious, Amt, while strictly complying with the national anti epidemic requirements, completed the design, production, integration testing and delivery of three 12.5m super large longitudinal seam welding systems and their logistics systems in only four months, providing core equipment guarantee for the construction of national key projects.

12.5m large P+T equipment

Welding effect of P+T longitudinal seam

Before that, the largest heavy longitudinal seam welding system ever made by Amt was LSWI-7950 exported to the United States, with a total welding stroke of 8100 mm. The actual welding stroke of 12.5m super large longitudinal seam taken over at the beginning of 2020 is close to 13m, and the total pressure between the piano key and the bushing reaches 86 tons. Amt fully considered all possible risks, carefully planned, designed and verified all details, and achieved the first design and production, which ensured the success of the super large longitudinal joint. The P+T composite welding process is adopted to realize 6 mm and 8 mm stainless steel without groove, single side welding and double side forming. The stability of welding quality, deformation control effect and welding production efficiency are praised by users. After more than half a year of high-strength welding production, all functions of the equipment are stable, which fully proves the reliability of the non-standard design ability and welding system integration ability of Amt. Amt has mastered the structure design, key suspension, hydraulic lifting mandrel, water-cooled forming bushing, digital intelligent centralized control (including power supply, arc height, electromagnetic swing, wire feeding and gas flow), digital camera monitoring, mechanical feeding and unloading and centering of the super large and high-precision P+T longitudinal seam welding system, and is at the advanced level at home and abroad.

In the second half of 2020, Amt also successfully developed a set of LSWI-9150 large P+T longitudinal seam welding system and successfully delivered it for use. Since then, domestic users no longer need to purchase similar foreign equipment with a supply period of more than six months, expensive equipment and spare parts, no guarantee of after-sales service, and lack of digital intelligent centralized control capability.
3、 Large vacuum assisted argon filled welding cabin, realizing the collaborative manufacturing mode of man-machine cabin entry for the first time in China
For the welding production of titanium alloy structural parts, due to the difficulties in realizing local protection or the low production efficiency under local protection, the vacuum assisted argon filled tank is used to realize automatic welding in the cabin or manual welding outside the cabin, which is one of the typical equipment widely promoted and applied by Amt in China. However, the welding production of large and complex titanium alloy structures, due to the complexity of the weld structure and the large amount of welding filler, makes it extremely difficult to prevent hydrogen absorption, oxidation and nitridation of the weld, and the welding production efficiency is extremely low. Realizing the collaborative production of robots, automatic welding equipment and operators in the vacuum assisted argon filling cabin is one of the key options to solve its welding quality and efficiency. However, this kind of equipment was only available in Russia and the United States before, and various technical data and references were also rarely mentioned.


                                                                                                          Large vacuum argon filled tank

     Through close to two years of practice and continuous improvement, Amt has successfully broken through the functions and structures of large vacuum assisted argon filled tanks, robot transition tanks, cabin personnel transition tanks, cabin personnel breathing systems, cabin personnel life support systems, cabin atmosphere control systems, manual hot wire TIG welding, real-time communication inside and outside the cabin, airtight clothing structure and leak proof design More than ten core technologies and equipment, such as pressure balance control of airtight clothing, enable welding robots and operators to enter the pure argon environment and efficiently complete the collaborative production of large titanium alloy structural parts.
The most important thing of the project is to improve the intelligent level of equipment and ensure the safety of cabin personnel. The cabin adopts 15 kinds of 57 sets of sensors to ensure the real-time perception of the status of each part of the system, so as to realize the real-time, efficient and accurate control of the entire vacuum assisted argon filled welding cabin in coordination with the system intelligent control system developed by Amt.

  The successful research and development of large vacuum assisted and human-computer collaborative argon filled welding cabin is a typical case of multidisciplinary technology integration and innovation, which fills the gap of technology and equipment in this field in China, and can solve the welding problems of various complex titanium alloy structures in aerospace, military industry and chemical industry. The system is supported by more than ten national defense and general invention patents and will be put into trial production by the end of 2020.
4、 Successful development of engine blade surfacing equipment
For a long time, some foreign enterprises have occupied the repair market of aeroengine blades. In the face of layers of technical barriers such as the judgment and removal of defects or fatigue layers, surfacing materials, surfacing processes, surfacing equipment, post weld heat treatment, post weld surface treatment, and preset wear resistance zones for new blades, China has not yet broken through successfully and taken charge of new enterprises. In the cooperation with an enterprise of AVIC C&A,Amt has made a beneficial attempt in the application of cemented carbide surfacing on blade surface from the familiar fields such as welding process and equipment, and has gained valuable technical accumulation.

                                                                                            Flexible robot of Amt DT digital intelligent control system

                                                                                                     "One drop per pulse"

The engine blade surfacing system makes full use of the flexible robot control ability and the cooperative control ability of welding parameters of Amt DT digital intelligent control system. The action path planning, arc height control and swing action control of the welding process are realized by controlling the KUKA manipulator, allowing real-time intervention of the surfacing path. At the same time, through DT coordinated welding current, arc height control, wire feeding pulse (feeding/pumping pulse) and welding action, the surfacing thickness can be accurately controlled in the way of "one pulse and one drop". At the same time, the heat input of each pulse can be precisely controlled, which can not only ensure the fusion between the welding wire and the base metal, but also control the crystallization speed of the surfacing material to prevent hot cracks. The surfacing equipment has completed the pre acceptance in November 2020, and is being installed and delivered after the user's site meets the conditions.


5、 Planning and Implementation of Intelligent Welding Production Line
In response to the call of the country to promote "intelligent manufacturing", in 2020, Amt's team will assist users to complete 9 intelligent production line plans with sheet metal and welding as the main process means, involving the manufacturing fields of boxes, tanks, bullet bodies, pressure vessels, pipes, large structural parts, etc.

Amt team makes full use of its technical advantages in sheet metal, welding, logistics, control, informatization and other aspects, combined with the actual production of users, to help users establish automation, digitalization, informatization and intelligent schemes from product structure design, weld structure design, dimension chain construction, quality control, efficiency control, production management rules and other aspects, and actively participate in project implementation and process control.
After more than 16 years of continuous development, innovation driven has become the core consciousness of Amt's team, and more R&D plans have been written into the goals and tasks of 2021. Through constant learning, constant introduction of new blood, bold imagination and careful verification, Amt will focus on multidisciplinary integration research and development, such as machinery, electrical, sensing, closed-loop control algorithm, welding process research, informatization, etc., and constantly introduce new ideas around welding equipment, tooling, process, control, informatization, automatic production line, etc., to climb the peak of welding automation, digitalization, informatization and intelligent engineering technology, Provide professional services for users.
Finally, I sincerely wish you all good health and a happy New Year!


AMT Welding Automation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
February 6, 2021